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q4f, z, yp8, y, h9, 3k7, fbh, 5o3, vqt, ov, z1q, sl, s, apw, 1r, SM PROjekt | Truck-mounted cranes Truck-mounted cranes – SM PROjekt

Truck-mounted cranes

SM Projekt company can offer and perform the complete transport engineering and transport realization with wide range of various heavy transport means and heavy lift equipment. Multimodality of the transports is assured with our professional partners for transport.

Cargo transports by road

Cargo transports by road are regulated on a national basis and limited with legislation on a permitted weights and dimensions of the vehicles.

In cases of exceeding the allowed parametrs, special heavy transport permit must be issued by regional or national authorities. On the international level the road transports are currently confronted with many different rules and procedures for obtaining a heavy transport permit, for instance on vehicle escorts, allowed time frames, authorised speeds, etc.

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