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4, erw, r8q, tda, vh9, g, xl, uji, edb, 523, m, 2n2, c, bz, duu, 3, n7, SM PROjekt | Heavy lifting & moving Heavy lifting & moving – SM PROjekt

Heavy lifting & moving

SM PROjekt company on a daily basis performs various kinds of assemblage, shiffting and relocations of industrial heavy lift components using special heavy lift equipment that enable execution of most demanding logistical projects.

Skidding systems

We use skidding systems whenever we need to move heavy loads in confined spaces. With the additional usage of support and scaffolding we can move any load in any space.

Hydraulic Gantries

We use Hydraulic Gantries when the space for the lift is limited. With the help of hydraulic lifts and skidding systems we can lift objects from any tight space and can also accurately place it in one.

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