We master transport and installation of heavy equipment

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We offer assemblage, shiffting and relocations of industrial heavy lift components

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We perform complete transport engineering and transport realization

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SM Projekt is a heavy lift and transport company based on the best Slovenian experiences, knowledge and equipment gained in the most important national projects.

Our service is complete package

The company SM Projekt has the best professional experiences of more than thirty years. We have all the knowledge and equipment needed to execute even the most demanding heavy lift and transport projects.

Planning optimal service solution
Making the technical documents
Acquiring heavy transport permits
Assurance of all other cargo services
Loading / reloading / unloading the cargo
Transport execution by road / rail /water / air
Transport route preparations and road securing
Organization of the escorts

Our projects

North of Germany

In the north of Germany we faced the challenge of moving the machine machine motor with the weight of 60 tons. To make things more complicated, the machine was ...

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Gorenje 2015

In Gorenje we faced a pressing machine with the weight of 50 tons, which needed to be placed into working position. Firstly we used the appropriate crane to ...

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Austrian Ironworks

An Austrian Ironwork hired us to lift the frame of a press machine to the height of 3 metres. For the lift we used the synchronised hydraulic crane and we ...

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